What We Do
Is Who We Are

Meet the team that gets it done.

Our Team

We have years of experience managing and producing content, tournaments and large scale events.

“We’re going to need more inputs“

Co-Owner // Chief Broadcaster

Trevor Magnani

Doesn’t understand the concept of limits. Enjoys voiding warranties.

“What could possibly go wrong“

Co-Owner // Chief TO

George Pekar

Actually a pretty good Madden player, refuses to compete.



Brian Schlactus

Lives in a cardboard kingdom, not sure if he’s captive.




Since 2009 we’ve been livestreaming events, sports, eSports and more.


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Yearly Events

Our capacity is growing and we’re producing more than ever to engaged audiences


and counting


Across Twitch, YouTube and more we’ve accumulated over 1 Million impressions on our content.



New Mainstays

GHS, SFV and Yu-Gu-Oh have been brought into the GenGAME production umbrella with more to come in 2017

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Our Process

Quickly deploy strategic networks with compelling e-business. Credibly pontificate highly efficient manufactured products and enabled data.

01. Needs Assessment

We Find out what you need, and how we can accomplish that within your budget. We scale from single camera operations to multicamera events with instant replay capability.

02. Event Production

We roll in, set up, get to work and roll out once everything’s cleaned up.

03. Post Production / Uploading

Event video archives are created as needed and posted anywhere.

Event Production

We are Growing

Year over year, we have added more events in more categories than ever before. If a camera can be pointed at it, or it needs to be streamed, we can do it. Sports, Stage productions, eSports, concerts and more.

2016: 157 Events

2015: 70 Events

2013: 30 Events

2010: 23 Events

* Chart shows year by year sales before taxes